Social Commitment

Together for Equal Opportunities!

With the association “Economy for Kids” in Germany and Italy, we promote equal opportunities for all children and young people, regardless of where or how they grow up. We want to give children with difficult starting perspectives fairer chances for social participation and development.

SUPPORT. Funding Projects

As an umbrella organisation, we support other associations, foundations and non-profit organisations working for socially disadvantaged children and young people. Social disadvantage has many faces. That is why we support a wide range of projects in the areas of education, health, and leisure.

DEVELOP. Our own projects

Where the gaps are so large that mere financial support is not enough or there are acute emergencies, we design and implement our own projects.

In doing this we put great emphasis on individual needs analyses and problem solutions.

JOIN US. Fundraising Events

To make a difference in the long term, many people in many places need to do many things in a right way. To raise awareness of the need for equity and to attract more supporters, we organise exclusive fundraising events with celebrity guests and unique programmes.

Your support is important!

Support equal opportunities and do not hesitate to donate to our association. 100 per cent of the funds acquired go to the children’s and youth welfare projects, as our entire operating costs are covered by sponsorships.