Social Commitment

Together for Equal Opportunities!

Our Family Office attaches great importance to giving something back to society. In order to invest more specifically and actively in the future of our country, Christoph Gröner founded the “Wirtschaft kann Kinder” (WKK) association together with Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Grube.

The aim of the association is to promote equal opportunities for all children and young people in Germany, regardless of where or how they grow up. Their family or financial background still has a major impact on their careers.

As an single roof organization, the WKK supports charitable organizations throughout Germany that stand up for socially disadvantaged children and young people and also implements its own projects. As a platform for committed entrepreneurs, the association generates valuable donations through annual events such as the WKK Charity Gala.

All operating costs are covered by our Gröner Family Office and the sponsorship of CG Elementum AG and Gröner Group AG, so that one hundred percent of the donations go to the projects supported.

JOIN US. Fundraising Events

To make a difference in the long term, many people in many places need to do many things in a right way. To raise awareness of the need for equity and to attract more supporters, we organise exclusive fundraising events with celebrity guests and unique programmes.

Your support is important!

Support equal opportunities and do not hesitate to donate to our association. 100 per cent of the funds acquired go to the children’s and youth welfare projects, as our entire operating costs are covered by sponsorships.